Uniting a proud sporting nation

Uniting is a powerful word that helps articulate our role in bringing partners and people together; local authorities, governing bodies of sport, communities, coaches, adults, young people, children and the entire nation to support, participate and excel in sport.

Pride is something we feel when we see the results of our work helping boost an individual's self esteem, community cohesion, athlete achievements and team successes.

And we share this success with others. We see sport as a defining characteristic of Welsh culture, and want to see this recognised at the highest levels.

As a nation, we're known for our passion and commitment to supporting our local clubs and national teams on the world stage. We want to be seen as a nation that is as passionate about participating in sport as it is about cheering on our teams and athletes

We're a small nation, but one that very much punches above its weight. You only have to look at our success at the recent Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games to illustrate this point, along with the recent successful major events that we have hosted in Wales, from FA Cup Finals to the Ryder Cup. We are a nation with sport at the heart of our identity and our communities.