Refresh of sports facilities data happening this summer!

Sport Wales is currently undertaking an audit of  sport facilities and playing pitches across the country, whether private or open for community use

The audit of facilities is being undertaken by the technical sport consultancy 4global and the research company Leisure-net.

After first being verified with the local authority, every  sports facility above a minimum criteria will be contacted by email at the start of August.

Each facility owner  will be provided a login to an online portal to check and edit their own information (facility count and specifications, access policy, planned developments, etc.).

There will also be an option to schedule a consultation over the phone if facility owners prefer.

No commercially sensitive information is being requested.

Once the information has all been collated, and built into a national tool, which will include an interactive map showing what is available or planned across their area, and which will help inform the role of their own facilities within the community.