For grown ups

In this section you will find information to help you 'Play to Learn' with your child/children.


The Welsh Assembly Government publication 'Creating an active Wales' (2009, p.4) sets out a vision that "envisages a Wales where:


  • everybody benefits from the feel good factor of being physically active;
  • physical activity opportunities are accessible to all,
  • being active is the norm;
  • activity is at the centre of the school ethos and physical literacy is as important as numeracy and language;
  • all children play frequently outdoors, in safe environments;
  • the majority of children and adults regularly use leisure facilities and sports clubs;
  • people use their local environment for active recreation;
  • active travel is the first choice for short distances for both children and adults;
  • individuals are never too old to be active."


'Play to Learn' is a fun way to help children improve their physical skills and play outdoors.  It is also a good way to spend quality time together.