What the Grown ups have to say about Play to Learn

Sally (Mum to Lewis and Bethany from Caerphilly)

'We love playing Picture Trail around the house on wet days.  We all have so much fun. Thank you'


Linda (Mum to Conor and Freya from Swansea)

'What a fab website, so much fun and so much information.  Thank you.  I have now started an after school club with the help of some of the other mums we all have wonderful time.  The children have all learned so much in a short space of time'


Darren (Dad to Cara from Port Talbot)

'I can not believe how much fun we had with a rolled up newspaper and a pair of socks playing 'Tip and Run' on the landing.  We play it every night before bath time.  I am not sure who enjoys it more, me or Cara!!!'


Elsie (Grandmother to Morgan from Caernarfon)

'Morgan and I hunted for dragon eggs in the park for ages last night.  It was not long before about seven or eight other children joined us.  It was a lovely way to spend the evening.  The children ran from one place to another hoping they would be the first to find the egg.  All the parents helped hide the eggs again.  We all went home tired but happy.  Great game'