Where we can play today

You may think that you need a big space and lots of specialised equipment to take part in meaningful physical activity, but this is not true. Many of the skills and games in Play to Learn can be practised in the space of a small rug or towel.


As children make progress, they will need more space but again this could be a small back yard/garden or in a local open space or park.  You will need to make sure you are safe and allowed to play games in the space


Getting outside and enjoying the outdoors is really important for everyone.  Research has shown it can reduce stress, increase life span, reduce symptoms of depression, promote greater well-being, lower rates of smoking and substance misuse and increase ability to function better at home, school and work


It is important to get outside as much as you can, even if it is not sunny.  By wearing appropriate clothing you can still have a fantastic time jumping in puddles and rolling in the snow.  You just have to be prepared and dress for the occasion.  Most major supermarkets stock water proof clothing at very reasonable prices.  Your child may need these for school anyway