Olivia Busby /

Olivia Busby


Performance Nutritionist




Sporting background:

Olivia is a keen runner and enjoys training for events including marathon, triathlon and open water swimming.

Previous roles or work experience:

Olivia provided leading edge nutrition support to GB Sailing in the lead up to the Olympic gamesas part of the English Institute of Sport Performance Nutrition team in 2012. Olivia also worked as a Sports Nutritionist at the Centre for Health, Applied Sports and Exercise Science at St Mary's University College and has provided nutrition consultancy for athletes across a range of sports including athletics, kayaking, rowing, triathlon and ultra-endurance running.

How did you get into your discipline?

As a Registered Nutritionist with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition with Health and Exercise Olivia's passion for sport and performance led her to a Masters in Sports Nutrition as well as the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition alongside her applied work in the field to develop into a Performance Nutritionist.  

Which sports do you specialise in or what athletes do you work with?

Olivia specialises in endurance performance and works with endurance athletics, swimming and cycling.