Owen Lewis /

Owen Lewis


High Performance Adviser


Owen has worked as a High Performance Advisor since 2011 -prior to that, he was a Sport Wales development officer - and says sport has always been a huge part of his life:

"I've been involved in sport forever. Through playing, coaching and studying it's always been the main part of my growing up, education, college and professional life."

A keen rugby player, he's played in the Welsh and English national leagues and has spent time playing in South Africa and the States.

He studied sports science and physiology at Bath University - working in the early years of the Team Bath programme. Before joining Sport Wales, Owen also undertook physiology work at Penn State University.

Owen says his role is "all about the planning":

"Working closely with the Performance directors and coaches of the governing bodies, we translate a clear understanding of an elite athlete's needs in a particular discipline or sport into a plan that makes sure they get easy access to everything they need at the right time.

"Further down the system it's about making sure that there are procedures and structures in place that give talented young athletes the best chance possible of fulfilling their potential and becoming world class. But it's also about helping and encouraging people to take the tough decisions. Elite sport is about whether you have the potential to be good enough or not and whether you are likely to fulfil that potential."

Owen's main focus is on athletics, swimming, shooting, judo and weightlifting.