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  • No excuses girls, we’re doing some exercise! 16 September 2014

    Ellen Williams joined us for a work placement this summer and very quickly reminded us that staying fit and healthy needn't be a chore it should be something that we look forward to and enjoy - & guess what, it’s worked!

  • THOUGHT ABOUT NETBALL?27 August 2014

    Think that netball is just for schoolgirls? Think again! Anneka O'Connor – a development officer for Welsh Netball – tells us why we should all go back to netball!

  • A track to a new sport08 July 2014

    The athletics stadium is always a focal point of the Commonwealth Games and Glasgow 2014 will be no different.

  • Wimbledon Fever – Getting into the swing of things with Welsh Tennis25 June 2014

    We all love Wimbledon and this year we’ll be getting into the swing of it on the tennis court.

  • Coffee & Cake - On Your Bike!! Ann Williams, Welsh Cycling03 June 2014

    It seems that more and more of us are getting on our bikes as way of catching up with the girls, staying fit and unleashing that competitive streak...

  • Why Hockey? by Ffi Davies10 April 2014

    So Hockey really wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea at school, but North Wales girl, Ffi Davies is adamant that if we were to give it a second try, we may just like.

  • Fancy a spot of afternoon tea? - This one is a healthy option! 07 April 2014

    Hannah Fitzpatrick from Golf Development Wales has been telling us all about their new schemes aimed at encouraging us ladies to swap the finger sandwiches and scones for a round of ‘tee-ing’ off in the sun with our BFF’s, work colleagues and children…

  • Mum’s the Word – Joy Jamieson11 March 2014

    "Being involved with sports opened up this new way of living for our family which has been wonderful..."

  • Mum’s the Word – Rachel Palmer13 January 2014

    "I thought all the women who joined would be a size 10, be amazing players, be close friends, and be able to run circles round me. I soon realised, though, that we were all in the same boat."

  • New sport, new friendships - Claire Tatley08 January 2014

    "I hadn't played netball since school, but it's like riding a bike. It all came back when I was on the court..."

  • Improved Lifestyle, Improved Life – Kerry Pillai03 December 2013

    "When you strive for good health, everything else falls into place. You feel fitter, you have more energy and confidence..."

  • Improved Lifestyle, Improved Life – Tracy Evans03 December 2013

    "If you've had a bad day at work nothing beats pounding the streets and focusing on something else for a while and forgetting the stress. You can feel your body relaxing..."

  • Improved Lifestyle, Improved Life – Sujatha Thaladi03 December 2013

    "Sport teaches you about winning and losing. About getting hurt and getting up and trying again. It teaches you about life..."

  • Kirstie tries out horseriding...15 October 2013

    In my experience, women are split into two groups - the sort who play with horses from a young age, brushing their My Little Ponies' tails and reading Pony Magazine from cover to cover; and, like me, those who are faintly terrified of the idea of climbing atop a living creature with a drop of several feet to the ground.

  • "Do you get your own pompoms?" by Kirstie McCrum08 October 2013

    If I had a penny for every time I was asked this mirthful question when I revealed I was going training with Cardiff Cougar Allstars Cheerleaders, I'd be pretty wealthy right now.

  • Carl’s call for Carmarthenshire01 October 2013

    Carl Daniels is Senior Sport & Leisure Manager within Carmarthenshire Council’s Leisure Division. And with his weight behind the What Moves You? women and girls campaign, Carl gives his views on why the authority is putting time into getting more females back into fitness.

  • The Finish line is not Freshers, Carys Rhiannon Thomas 01 October 2013

    President of the University of South Wales’ Student Union, Carys Rhiannon Thomas has been telling us why now is the time, (after the Freshers hype is starting to die down), for you to be getting more active.

  • Kirstie tries the hippy hippy shake...18 September 2013

    Anyone who has ever watched any bellydancing cannot fail to be mesmerised. From sharp hips to sinuous tummies, there's little more that spells womanly curves, and the performers get to wear some seriously stunning outfits, all jingly coin belts and brightly-coloured chiffony skirts.

  • Kirstie gets her skates on...12 September 2013

    Getting into shape and finding a route to fitness is all about two things - finding something that offers sufficient calorie burn and making sure you enjoy it.

  • Try Something New - What about cricket?06 September 2013

    Below, team coaches Olwen Kelly, Tim Newhouse and Laura Lambe explain to us that cricket isn't just about men in cream jumpers …