The Value of Sport

We believe that sport has a huge role to play in contributing to the overall wellbeing of the nation.  It is our intention to ensure that its value (both on and off the pitch) is understood across sectors and different areas so that it can make an even greater impact among those who need it the most.

To this end, Sport Wales commissioned the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University to conduct research into the financial impact that sport has against the overall wellbeing of the population.

This research looks to show the value that sport has to the nation and the contribution that it can make against a number of key agendas such as health, crime, education and wellbeing.

Over the coming months findings will be released showing the social return on the investment that sport can generate against these different areas and the overall economic impact it produces for the economy.

We will be looking to use this insight to help us further the work that we do with partners from other sectors, to continue to increase the positive impact that sport and physical activity can have on the lives of people in Wales.


Sports Social Return on Investment against Health


The highlights

The report shows that without people taking part in regular physical activity, there would be an additional £295million per annuum cost to health budgets.

It is also estimated that taking part in regular physical activity reduces the risk of major illness by up to 30%.

Findings link the savings in this area to reduced treatment of major illness, general time spent in GP appointments and reduced pressures on front line NHS staff and services.



Further details

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